Tigers at Home

Glen Rose ISD and Glen Rose Tech Department would like to offer as much support as possible during this time of Learn at Home.  Our teachers are working very hard to keep quality education going for our students.  Students should consider that they are still in school and strive to complete all assignments.  If a student has any problems with online learning they should first inform their classroom teacher via the teacher’s email address.  If they are unable to contact their teacher they should call their campus office for support. 

If the issues need to be escalated, teachers/staff are forwarding information to the campus/district technology team, along with contact information.

Below, is the first support site for Tigers at Home (Tigers@Home) for all students with MacBooks, which should include all 4th-12th grades students. Checking back often is the first suggestion we can give.

Tigers@Home with MacBooks (4-12)

iPad Tigers@Home (PK-3rd)

Canvas Help for Parents and Students