GRHS Arena Scheduling

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Glen Rose High School would like to help students become familiar with college scheduling and on-line scheduling, GRHS will be implementing what is called “Arena Scheduling” which will allow the students to create their own schedule on-line for the 2019-2020 school year. Just like in college, the schedule is NOT a guarantee. There is a lot that can change from February to August; however, every effort will be made to maintain the schedule that was requested.

Please find below, everything you may need to help you complete your Arena Schedule. Items include timelines, accounts you will need access to, how to get help, and short videos showing how to complete and submit your schedule as well as how to submit an issue form on-line.




February 19 – March 22Meet with counselors for updated plans, grad requirements, and course selections
April 1 Preview window to view course selections on-line for the 2019-2020 school year and self-prepare schedule plans
April 4 and 5Arena Scheduling Open for Current Junior’s (6:30 AM)
April 8 and 9Arena Scheduling Open for Current Sophomore’s (6:30 AM)
April 10 and 11Arena Scheduling Open for Current Freshmen’s (6:30 AM)
April 17, 18, 23, 24Eight grade course selection
May 2 and 3Arena Scheduling Open for Current Eight Grade (6:30 AM)


  1. Access to their Skyward On-line Gradebook
    • If you don’t know your user id, you MOST LIKELY used your email account. Use this link to recover your account.
  2. Access to their school email account. (
    • This is the same gmail account you have had for several years at school. It is your school username followed by ‘’. Go to and login with the full email address. Your password is the same you use for Stoneware.
    • Email is how the majority of scheduling issues will be resolved during the arena scheduling windows.
  3. Their MacBook or other computer. NOT A MOBILE DEVICE (phones, iPads, etc.)
    • Arena Scheduling is not mobile device OS compatible. You need to use your school MacBook or other Mac or PC type device to access and use the arena scheduling.


  1. Prior to the scheduling windows opening, go talk to the counselors. Counselors will be in classrooms PRIOR to course selection to go over this with everyone. Ask as many questions as you need during this very valuable time.
  2. Check your email. We will be sending lots of info about arena scheduling to you using email.
  3. Send emails!!! Send all the emails you care to send before, during, and after arena scheduling.
  4. Use the following Google Form to submit questions. Of everything you can do, this form is BY FAR the best way to get answers and solutions to your issues: GRHS Schedule Changes and Issues Form
    • During actual arena schedule windows, this form is absolutely necessary to fill out and submit to get help. This form is watched LIVE, so even though it may feel like you didn’t do anything, SOMEONE is watching this form for issues and getting someone to help ASAP. This is the recommenced way to get help for your issues or concerns.