Pre-K Parent Involvement Plan

Pre-K to parent connections are highly valued at GRES. We understand the importance of keeping parents informed and making sure parents play an important role in their child’s education.

Each year Pre-K teachers will meet with Pre-K parents a minimum of two times for conferencing. These include beginning of the year conference and end of the year conference. However, other conferences may be scheduled at any time by teacher or parent. Furthermore, a daily “Tiger Talk” folder will be sent home to each child. This folder will be the means of daily communication back and forth between school and home. All notes and important information to and from school will be in this folder as well as student work to be sent home. Weekly newsletters will be sent home for Pre-K parents. Each teacher also has a classroom Facebook page set up to keep parents informed and to post fun things that have happened during the school day.

There will be two sessions for Pre-K parents to attend with information you do not want to miss.

They are:
Late August/Early September Session title “This Way to Pre-K”; Pre-K Orientation. Session will be run by a Pre-K teacher covering all aspects of our Pre-K day and curriculum. Teacher will demonstrate some of our routines, songs, and show some Pre-K materials. Teacher will emphasize expectations as well as demonstrate how we use glue, scissors, and how to write names. Beginning of year take home backpacks will be available for checkout.

Late April/Early May Session title “Expectations of Kinder”. Session will be run by a kinder teacher to be determined at a later time. Kinder teacher will give parents an overview of Kindergarten and the expectations they have. Parents will be able to ask questions of the teacher. Parents will be able to check out some games and activities to take home and play with their child.

Parents will leave each session with activities and ideas to take home. Take home back packs with activities and games to play with their children are available for check out.

Pre-K student’s academic skills are assessed each six weeks and report cards are sent home on district’s six week report card schedule.

Parents have also been given instructions on how to log in to This provides information on our progress monitoring system (CIRCLE) in order for parents to track their students progress. It also provides excellent tools and activities for parents to do at home. On this website they will find information on child development.

Pre-K progress monitoring system: CIRCLE
Look under parent tab, follow directions to create a log in.

Children will begin assessed using the CIRCLE Progress Monitoring tool at beginning of year to get a baseline for data. The assessment will also be given at the middle of the year and again end of year to monitor growth.

If parents have any questions about Pre-K assessments, they should contact their child’s teacher or the campus office.

Parents are provided many opportunities to visit their child at school. They are always welcome to have lunch with their child and are always welcome on party days. Pre-K will also go on field trips and parents will be invited along for these, more information will come home on field trips in Tiger Talks. Pre-K families are invited at attend the Fall reading night in our school library and all Pre-K families are invited to a campus learning event that happens one evening in early March. Information about this learning event will be sent home in folders and posted on website as well as classroom Facebook pages. Pre-K families are encouraged to come to our PTO school carnival as well as our Track and Field Day and chuck wagon lunch. All of these activities are in spring and notice is given as to dates and times. Parents are encouraged to come to school for Scholastic book fair twice a year. Pre-K parents are asked and encouraged to join PTO.

Parents are always welcome to call their child’s teacher with any questions or concerns.