Registration Information

GRISD Online Registration Information

Online Registration OPENS ON MONDAY, AUGUST 1, 2016, 12:00 PM


Parents, this year GRISD has changed to a new on-line registration system. This new system is integrated into our student information system, and will allow both staff and families to have a more streamlined experience when registering your returning students each year. If you do not receive an email, contact the school district for assistance.

The primary difference that you will experience is how to gain access. The previous portal allowed a self-service experience. The new system does not allow this. As such, to gain access you will receive an email containing a link to begin your registration process, which will be on it’s way after 8:00 PM August 1, 2016.

  1. The first email will contain your new login account and a link to obtain a password. The login account will look something like ‘j.smith000’. This can not be changed. Remember your account and click the link. Your email WILL have a login account, which is usually at the bottom.
  2. The second link will ask you to input your email address or your login account to get a password. This is to verify that everything is working as it is supposed to and emails are going to the correct users. This link will take you to a Password Assistance screen. Put your email account or your login account to receive the final email, which will allow you to set a new password.
  3. After your account as been updated, the system will take you to the login page. Use your new login account and password you just set to login.

 Once you are in, use the REGISTER RETURNING STUDENTS on the left. Your students are already attached to your account. Click a students name to begin their registration packet. Generally speaking,each step in the system is a link on the right hand side. After you view/change each page, click the COMPLETE STEP button. Notice that on the right, that step added a green check mark. Click the step under it and continue with the rest of the system until you have finished.

  If you need assistance, use the following contacts.


 Technology – 254-898-3888

 Any campus office.

If you already have your account, and just need the link to Family Access, click HERE. This means you have done all the above and trying to gain access again.


New students\families to Glen Rose, you can start your enrollment on-line right here. Enrolling is a two part process. First, you will request access to a new enrollment account. It’s completely self-serve and does not require any intervention on district personnel to grant access. Follow th link below to start the request for an enrollment account. You do not have to have an email to be granted an account. If you have an email, then after filling out the initial form, you will receive an email with further instructions. I you do not have an email account, you can create an account on-line. Make sure you save your password when one is given to you.

Click HERE to gain access to the enrollment portal.

After you have completed your enrollment package, then district personnel will go begin the verification process. Once you have been approved, then you will receive an account to our Family Access portal to allow you to finalize your student(s) campus specific registration portal.

We encourage you to visit your student(s) campus after you have completed your on-line packet, available August 1, 2016 at noon. There will still be some items to complete on your student(s) campus prior to being enrolled and registered (see below). The following link will provide you the GRISD Board Policies that pertain to admissions and what may be required of you to bring to each campus when enrolling students. You can complete your on-line packet either at school or at home.


Transfer students will still need to register/enroll each year, even if they have filled out paper-work to be accepted as a transfer student. Registration will begin on August 1, 2016 at noon.

If you need any assistance, please contact the technology department at our new support number, (254) 898-3888 or email support at

Limited Open Enrollment Information



– If you are enrolling in Glen Rose ISD and have previously been enrolled in another Texas public school, GRISD requires that the enrolling parent bring their state photo ID. a copy of a valid birth certificate and shot records would be helpful, but we can get that information from your previous Texas public school. We will require proof of residency or a transfer letter from the Superintendent’s office. We may ask for the following as well as the above:

– Birth Certificate

– Shot Records (Immunization Information)

– Court Documents

– Special Program Documents (SPED, 504, dyslexia, etc.)

– Last report card

– Any state or local testing reports



– If you are enrolling in Glen Rose ISD and have previously been enrolled in another state or home schooled, GRISD requires the following documentation PRIOR to enrolling students:

– Parent photo ID

– Birth Certificate

– Shot Records (Immunization Information)

– Proof of residency or transfer letter from the Superintendent’s office

(This is where you apply for free and reduced meals)

Support/Help Section

If you need any assistance while registering, please contact the technology department at our new support number, (254) 898-3888 or email support at starting August 1, 2016.

Provisional Admittance

Students who meet the definitions of:

1. being “homeless”

2. displaced by Hurricanes, or

3. who have previously been enrolled in another Texas school

may by provisionally enrolled in our schools and admitted to attend classes for a period of no more than 30 days, while records are being produced to unconditionally enroll them in our schools as long as the student has begun the required immunizations, and if the person continues to receive the necessary immunizations as rapidly as is medically feasible.  The school granting provisional enrollment must ensure that the required immunizations are received on schedule.