GRIS Principal’s Corner

From the desk of Mrs. Mapes, GRISD Principal

Thank you for visiting our school.   My name is Lauri Mapes and I am the Principal here at Glen Rose Intermediate School. I wear many hats during my daily duties on this campus, but you can always find me in the office, in the halls, in the classrooms, in the cafeteria, and at GRISD extra-curricular events.
I truly believe that ALL students can learn.   We strive to maintain a campus climate that will foster that goal.   Our teachers and staff work collaboratively during teaming time to disaggregate testing data, use that data to develop and implement tutorial programs for struggling learners, and to discuss and plan for future lessons and to align the current curricula.
We encourage parental involvement because we believe that a firm partnership between the parent(s) and the school will create the most positive learning environment.   Our lunch periods are open to visitors and would like to invite you to come and eat lunch with your child. Third grade lunch begins at 11:30, fourth grade lunch begins at 10:55, and fifth grade lunch begins at 12:05.   All we ask of you is that you sign in at the office and put on a “visitor’s sticker” before entering the other parts of the school building.