ActivEngage, Expressions, and Votes

What are the 3 types of voting sessions for Engage, Expressions, and Votes?

3 Types of Voting


How do I make the % correct on the results?

If you have more devices registered than vote, it will count all the devices when grading.  You will need to change this setting so that it only counts the devices that vote.


How do I setup and use ActivEngage?

1. Create a Virtual Hub

First time setup:

  • On your board PC click on the “Show Hidden Icons” up arrow on the taskbar
  • Right Click on the ActivManager (orange flame in white box)
  • Click on “Control Panel” in the right click menu
  • Click the Connections Tab
  • Click “Manage Connections”
  • Find you name in the list.  Each person is listed 2 times so that if the “room” freezes you can select your second name.  If your name is not listed please let me know. You may select someone who you know has left the district to use until we get your name added.
  • Click the checkbox next to your name.
  • Click apply (Your name should turn green)
  • Click exit
  • Click Close on the ActivManager

Each morning – Optional:  Check hub connection in the morning by opening the ActivManager and looking to see if your room is “green.”  If it is not green:

  • click off the connection – Apply so that no hubs are selected
  • click on someone who would not be connected (Dorthey Johnston, Teal, etc.) – Apply and watch it turn green
  • click off of whoever you selected – Apply so that no hubs are selected – this should reset your hub
  • click back on your hub – Apply

2. Register Students

2 BUGS in the program and FIXES:

  • When you start a registration session, make sure that the number of devices you put in is correct.  If you have to click Finish because you have the wrong number of devices in…it does not work.  If you find that someone is absent or something just cancel the registration session, remove all devices from the hub and then start back over with correct number.  I feel like this is a bug in the software and am going to turn it in.  Who knows when they will “fix it.”
  • To get students to release from last room and be able to connect to your registration session:  Students must open engage every time through the apps section of Self Service.  The icon is called “Run Engage” and looks like a box.  This will fix the students getting “stuck” in a classroom and not registering to a different classroom.  The app is not an install so it opens fast.  It is as fast as going to spotlight and typing in Engage to click on the software.


3.  Use Engage to vote/question in 3 different ways.

4.  When finished with a class – go to the register a session screen and remove all engage devices.  That way you are ready for the next class and it will release the students from your hub.  You can leave the window open and be ready to click register when the next class arrives.

Quickstart Overview

Student Directions

**Make sure students are opening Engage via Self Service “Run Engage” app every time!