MacBook Tips

Tips and Tricks

  • Most problems can be solved by rebooting your MacBook inside the district.  Wait for the red dot and/or white flag to go away before you type in your login and password.
  • Desktop, Finder, Dock, Menu, Spotlight
  • How to change your password:  see FAQ under MacBook Air
  • Always carry your MacBook inside your bag when moving from room to room.  If you are moving around inside a classroom, close the lid.  It will start right back up when you open the lid.
  • Apps stay running if you see them on the dock with a blue dot under them.  This will slow down your MacBook.  To quit an app:

To fully quit an application, you need to send it the Quit command by choosing this from the application menu. The Application menu will be the same name as the foremost application that is open, and is located immediately to the right of the Apple menu at the top left of your screen. If you click the Finder the application menu will change to be called Finder, or if you launch Safari or bring it forward to be the foremost application then the name of this menu will change to Safari, and likewise for any other application.

Another way to quit applications is to use the Command-Q keyboard shortcut when the application is in the forefront (its name is next to the Apple menu).


  •  If you ever need to force quit an application because it has quit working:  To force quit an application, from the Apple menu, choose Force Quit... . Select the application from the list, and then click Force quit. You can also bring up this window by pressing Command-Option-Esc
  • Check Self-Service for updates often, install updates, restart.
  • Always make a backup of any file which you do not want to have to do over again.  You can make a backup copy to a USB/flash drive or you may use Stoneware to copy files to your network storage.  See FAQ under MacBook Air.
  • You may try a virtual desktop in Citrix if you are having problems getting something to open on the Mac.
  • If you are getting the “Gray Lightspeed Screen” try this:
    • Go to Finder when inside the district
    • Applications
    • Then Self Service
    • Click on Preferences
    • Click on icon “Fix Internet”
    • “Install”
    • When it is complete, have the student reboot their computer
      They should now be able to access the Internet
  • Keychain Error Message
  • Saving Math Units from Glencoe
  • What to do if you do not have internet at home? or see Charity Hatley or Jennifer Hettler in library for a jetpack.
  • Learn to use the Finder, anytime you click on the desktop the finder menu will show at the top of the screen, use the search option.
  • If you need to “restart” your Safari:  Safari menu:  Reset Safari…
  • Canvas is your friend.  Check it for dates, posted work, and information from your teachers.  This is a web based software.  You may access Canvas  from any computer.  It does not have to be accessed from your Mac.