Macbook Air

How do I change my password on a MacBook?

You always should change your password on the Macbook first.  It will then sync to all of your other GRISD passwords.  If you are unable to change the password on the Mac first, you may change the password on your PC.  Be sure to reboot your Mac the next time you have it in the district.

How to change password on Macbook:

  • Be logged out of your PC
  • Click on apple in top left corner
  • system preferences
  • Users & Groups
  • Click your name in the Current User list (make sure blue)
  • Click Change Password on right

How to change password on PC:

  • login
  • pick “Change a Password”

(Remember that this will change all district passwords for you.  If you have email setup on your phone, you will need to go into settings and change the grisd email password.)

How do I backup my files to the U drive from the Macbook?

 To create a Backup or Archive of your files

  • Select All (Command A) on desktop or documents if that is where you have your files.
  • File / Compress
  • Go to GRISD/Cloud/Stoneware, My Files, Select where you want the archive file to be saved:  Action drop down/Upload (make sure on basic uploader, you have to scroll down in the small window to see switch to basic)/Choose File / Upload

Directions in Video Format

You could also use Dropbox to store your file.

How do I upload a file to the T, S, or U drive using Stoneware?


1.  login to Stoneware

2.  My Files (if not in recent go to Desktop then My Files)

3.  Go to District Staff (T), GR?? Staff (U) for teachers, or GR?? Student Share (S)  and click to expand.  Continue to click on the arrows to expand in the left column until the location you would like the file is showing in the right section.

4.  Click on arrow next to Action to see a drop-down menu

5.  select Upload from the menu

6.  Make sure you are in the Basic Uploader in the window that opens.

7.  You may browse for up to 5 files at a time to upload.  Click on Browse/find file…

8.  Click Upload

How do I add text to a photo in Preview?

See Video.

How do I blur a face in iPhoto?

See Video

How do I change the language on the keyboard?

  • Apple in top left
  • System Preferences
  • Keyboard
  • Input Sources Tab
  • Click the +
  • Select language
  • Make sure “Show Input menu in menu bar” is clicked.
  • Click Keyboard Tab
  • Click “Show Keyboard & Character Viewers in menu bar”
  • Close the menu
  • Now look up in top menu next to day of week, you will see a small flag.  Click flag and you can switch between different keyboards
  • Click the flag and click on “Show Keyboard Viewer” and you can see an onscreen keyboard

Steps if the textbook in Stoneware does not open.

  1. Open Safari
  2. Click on “Safari” in the top menu bar and click on “reset.”
  3. Select all items to reset and click on “reset.”
  4. Command Q to quit Safari
  5. Click on the spotlight in top right corner
  6. type in “adobe”
  7. Click on “Adobe Reader.”
  8. accept user agreement if asked
  9. Command Q to quit Adobe
  10. Click on the Apple in the top left
  11. Restart WITHOUT the check box checked to reopen windows when logging back in

What is the QuickTime Player?

Mac 101: QuickTime Player

How do I record in QuickTime on the Mac?

First, record:

Second, Export the video you recorded:  (This also shows how to take video to Show and Share, our location to publish your video for playback.)

How do I select a URL in either Safari or Chrome to copy it?

When you want to select the URL address on a Mac, triple click in the address bar.  This works for either Safari or Chrome.  You can also put your cursor inside the URL address bar and press Command/A (for select all).  The last option would be to drag and hold over the URL address with your cursor.

What are the basics of the Mac like: dock, desktop, finder, menu bar, and spotlight?

See Mac 101:  Mac essentials

What are the dashboard and widgets?

Mac 101: Dashboard

What are the keyboard shortcuts?

Shortcut Keys

  • Command (apple) A – Select All
  • Command Z – undo
  • Command C – copy
  • Command V – paste
  • Command up arrow – cursor to beginning
  • Command down arrow – cursor to end of text
  • Command left – cursor to beginning of row
  • Command right – cursor to end of row
  • Command S – Save As (save is not needed)
  • Control D – Delete
  • Delete
  • Command P
  • Command Shift 3 – screen shot
  • Command Shift 4 – area screen shot
  • Command Q – application open and this will really close it, does not work for finder

More Keyboard shortcuts:  Handout 1, Handout 2

What is Mission Control?

Mac 101: Mission Control

What is the Preview software that I use with a PDF?

Mac 101: Preview

What is the Launch Pad?

Mac 101: Applications, files, and folders (OS X Lion)

How do I use zoom screen?

With Mavericks    See Video

How do I take a screen shot?

with Ipad

on a PC

on a Mac