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How can I take attendance by period, not class?

You can take attendance by period:

Teacher Access \ Post Daily Attendance

This way is by class and it shows that you would have to post attendance 3 different times for one period.

This way is by period and you can take all 3 classes in one list.

How do I change a six weeks grade or add extra credit points to a grade?

  • Click options in the 1st six weeks column.

  • Click Enter Term 1st Grade Adjustments

  • Enter the grade you want to give the student, press enter.  It will show how much it is adjusted and then the total grade.  The posted grade does not update until you save.  It will show updated in Gradebook and also will show in Posted Grade if you go back in to Enter Term 1st Grade Adjustments after the first save.

Where do I add comments for a student?

Look under Posting for Post Comments.  You can add the same default comment to all students then change just the few you want to say something else.

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