Student Bus Cards Required for PM Bus Routes


November 17, 2020

Dear Parents,

Glen Rose ISD has always put the safety of our students first, regardless of where they may be during the day. Last year Glen Rose ISD purchased a bus tracking system so parents and school personnel could track their child’s movements while on the bus. The system has been a success for everyone that uses the cards to log on and off the bus. However, recently we have had many students not have their cards, and it has become a substantial problem.

Beginning December 2, 2020, (after Thanksgiving holiday) students will not be allowed to board the bus in the afternoon with out swiping on with their bus cards. Glen Rose ISD will make sure they get to school, but if they do not have their bus card for their PM route they will not be allowed on the bus. The student will have to wait at their campus until a parent comes to pick them up.

GRISD wanted parents to receive this letter before the Thanksgiving break to give them time to check and see if their child has their bus card. If they need a replacement card you or your child can contact your child’s campus
administration for a new one, or call 254-898-3917. It takes 24 hrs for a bus card to be processed.

Again, if your child does not have a bus card they will not be allowed on the bus for the PM route. GRISD buses will get your child to school. Please help us keep your child safe on bus routes. Double check with your child every morning to make sure they have their bus cards.

Thank you for your attention in this matter. If you have any questions or concerns you can call 254-898-3917.

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