GRHS/GRJH to Hold Student Assemblies on Dangers of Teen Vaping/Juuling

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Glen Rose ISD is proud to announce that Robb Holladay, “Clear the Fog” presenter, will speak to the students at Glen Rose Junior High and Glen Rose High School on October 7, 2019. Glen Rose ISD understands the concerns that many parents and guardians have regarding the recent stories that have been publicized in regard to student’s participation in vaping.

We understand that vaping has become popular with students grades 6-12 and unfortunately, students do not have a true understanding of the dangers. As a retired specialist in medical imaging, Robb Holladay knows all too well the health risks and dangers of teen vaping & juuling and will “clear the fog” on misconceptions that students have about vaping and smoking and the risks associated with both.

Glen Rose ISD have scheduled 2 assemblies as follows:
• Glen Rose Junior High grades 6-8
o Location: High School Auditorium
o 9:00 AM – 9:55 AM

• Glen Rose High School grades 9-12
o Location: High School Auditorium
o 10:30-11:25

Parents and guardians are welcome to attend either of the two presentations.

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