Making the connection between Canvas and Google Drive – authorizing Google to attach to Canvas

This is how you can login Google Account within Canvas so that students can do Google Cloud assignments where each student can complete their own copy of the assignment.  These are items like Drag&Drop, Fill in the Blanks, Pixel Art, anything interactive.

First:  Students will need to login to Canvas and go to profile/settings.

Then click Google Drive under Other Services.

Authorize the drive.

Students will type in the student Google Drive login: and password. Allow and Accept Google terms.

Google Drive will move over to registered services and will show the correct Google username.

Click on the Dashboard and go to the class you want.  The teacher will need to turn on Google Drive in the settings/Navigation/drag Google Drive to the top/Save.

Students click on Google Drive and Authorize it.

It will take you to the list of Google Usernames you have logged in.  Pick the login and then authorize.  When it is complete you will see the drive.  Every time you are opening a file which is a Google Cloud assignment, it is a good idea to click on Google Drive first and make sure it is authorized. Be sure to check to see that the Google Drive is connected to the correct user my clicking in the corner. It should always be your user.

If you do this under settings and under one course, it seems to remember the login and password for other courses. 

Please let me know if you need help.  This is a great tool.  It just takes some setup.