Apple Classroom for MacBooks – 2021

System create classrooms: Teacher and students must all login to iCloud with their Apple ID. Many older students may already have their MacBook logged in with Apple ID. Make sure it is the school Apple ID, not a personal Apple ID. The teacher will not have to create or invite students to join class. It will all be setup automatically.

  • First Time Only: On both Teacher MacBook and Student MacBooks – open System Preferences and Sign In with your GRISD School Apple ID.
Apple ID
System Preferences
Apple ID
GRISD School Apple ID (Most Students are
  • First Time Only: Teacher MacBook only – Install Apple Classroom from Self-Service and Open the app.
  • You will have last year’s classes and this year’s classes both showing. Select the second option for each class to start that classroom.
Students Showing
  • Students will begin to show. If they do not show, you can click to invite. The student will have a pop-up show which they must accept. This is a one time action.
What you can do in Apple Classroom
Actions you can take in Apple Classroom