Show N Share

What is Show N Share?

Show N Share is Glen Rose’s own You Tube site.  Videos will stream quickly in the correct format for the device you are viewing them on.


How do I add a video to Show N Share?

You must first ask the Technology department to create folders for you which go with the subjects you are teaching.  Sometimes a subject may have more than one folder:  reading might have a reading folder, writing folder, and grammar folder.

You cannot create your own folders as they are special folders with lots of other things coded into them.

Steps to add videos:

Create your video.

If PC Inspire, you must go to the M on the screen recorder and select Microsoft Video 1 video type.  I always change audio to a higher quality.  It is different on different machines.  This will create an AVI file that SNS can convert.  See FAQ for recording in Inspire and using the bluetooth headset.

If MAC, record in quicktime and then you must EXPORT the movie to a MAC and PC

Support video:

Browse to watch folder location:

PC:  Start – Computer, type
in the address lineMAC:  Finder – Go – Connect to Server, type
in Server Address Line, click + to add the address so you can just click it from now on, Connect
Support video:

If it asks for your login, use your normal login and password
Open the folder that you want the video associated with
Rename the video so that it is very descriptive. I would start it with campus.  Put spaces between the words to help with searching.  You also will need a space after the last word and before the period extension.  The video name can be as long as you want it to be.  For example:
HS Dual History Chap 1 pp 125 to 138 .mov

Copy or drag and drop the video into the folder

That is all you do!  When the video is done processing it will show in the site.  You can link to the video.  There is an “app for that.”  Download to phone Cisco Show and Share!  The video disappears out of the watch folder when it is done processing so you will want to copy/paste not move.