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Glen Rose Independent School District (GRISD) has established salary schedules based on the surrounding market to recruit and retain employees.

Salary schedules have been established for Professional, Paraprofessionals and Auxiliary employees. Upon offer of employment the District will take into consideration years of experience in the profession to determine beginning salary with respect to the Pay Grade or Salary Step of the position being filled. Pay Grades are provided in a link below. Teachers, Nurses and Librarians are brought in utilizing the established step scale.

W4 Form – 2018




2017-2018 Stipend Pay Schedule

2017-2018 Hiring Schedule for Teachers, Librarians and Nurses


2016-2017 Admin/Clerical/Manual Trades Pay Scale

2016-2017 Substitute Pay Scale

2016-2017 Miscellaneous Pay Rates

Archived Pay Scales and Schedules