News – Child Nutrition

New Meal Requirements

You may have noticed a lot more Whole Wheat foods on your childs lunch tray.  This is a new requirement from the USDA.  The Buns on Hamburgers are Whole Wheat as well as the Rolls we serve.  We are trying to make sure that they taste good so that your child can eat healthy but enjoy it at the same time.

You will also notice alot more different colors of Vegetables and Fruits.  These are also part of the new USDA requirements.  In most cases the students seem to be enjoying these.  We hope to keep providing as many assortments as are in season.

The Child Nutrition Department is working hard to keep up with these new requirements and keep a positive attitude for the Students and for the extra work that they are doing.  In doing this, I believe that we will make this generation of students much more aware of the healthy foods that their body needs.

Thanks so much for letting us feed your children.


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