GRHS Counseling: Financial Aid and Scholarships

The counseling office encourages all seniors to come by the college room and to watch for financial aid and scholarship. Scholarships can be found on the front window of the office, on lunch room announcement screen, in their senior government, economics, and English classes, and on this website. Students my visit the office before school, during lunch, or after school. Appointments can be made through the counselor’s office to meet with Ms. Windham, Ms. McClure, or Ms. Nance about financial aid and scholarship

Please notify the counselor’s office if you are a recipient of a scholarship so that we can include that recognition during Senior Recognition Night in May .


Visit the individual colleges, universities, or institutions website to get information regarding scholarships and deadline dates.


Copy of scholarships found in the high school college room. Seniors will be emailed some state and national scholarship information.

Local Scholarships are marked with an * in front of name.

Not all scholarships found in the high school college room have been posted.

Scholarships are posted by due date and order received.

Name of Scholarship
Deadline Date
*Glen Rose Medical Center: TORCH Foundation- Lindsey Horton Memorial Scholarship 09/05/202209/05/2022
Shout It Out Scholarship09/30/2022
Senior Scholar-Athletes Scholarship10/18/2022
Education Matters Scholarship10/30/2022
Coke Scholars Program10/31/2022
Chick-fil-A Community Scholars11/02/2022
Hagan Scholarship Foundation12/01/2022
2022-2023 Outstanding Youth Contest12/09/2022
45th Texas Conservation Awards Program01/06/2023
EECU 2022 Glenn Mandeville Scholarship01/31/2023
What's Your Dream? Scholarship01/31/2023
*29th Annual Maleen Paulsen Memorial Scholarship02/10/2023
*Glen Rose Athletic Booster Club Scholarship 02/20/2023
*Honey & RJ Bell Memorial Scholarship02/20/2023
*Rio Cantu Memorial Band Scholarship02/24/2023
Fort Worth Scottish Rite 2021 Scholarship02/24/2023
*Somervell County Youth Fair Dale McPherson/Vickie Rosenbuch Scholarship02/24/2023
*Wiley Funeral Home Scholarship02/27/2023
*Marilyn Phillips Community Service "Pay It Forward" Scholarship02/28/2023
*Christian Ibarra Memorial Healthcare Career Scholarship02/28/2023
*Cliff May and Family Scholarship02/28/2023
*Crystal Plaster "Good Neighbor Grant"02/28/2023
*Fossil Rim Wildlife Center Conservation Scholarship02/28/2023
*Glen Rose Lions Club Scholarship02/28/2023
*Glen Rose Optimist Club Scholarship02/28/2023
*Glen Rose Veterinary Clinic Scholarship02/28/2023
*Hammond's BBQ Scholarship02/28/2023
*Loretta Borgman Hise Memorial Nursing Scholarship02/28/2023
*Marilyn Phillips Sunrise Properties Educational Scholarship02/28/2023
Sweet and Simple Scholarship02/28/2023
*Volleyball Queen of the Court Award Julia Plaster State Farm02/28/2023
*Glen Rose Masonic Lodge Scholarship02/28/2023
*13th Annual Carla Jones Memorial Scholarship03/01/2023
*2023 Dr. Roger E. Marks Health Care Scholarship03/01/2023
*Bonnie Elaine Tompkins Memorial Scholarship03/01/2023
*Glen Rose Nursing & Rehab Bridget Knapp Scholarship03/01/2023
*GRISD Scholarship03/01/2023
*Harley Sinclair Memorial Baseball Scholarship 03/01/2023
*Hood & Somervell County A&M Club Scholarship03/01/2023
*Hood Area A&M University Mothers' Club Scholarship03/01/2023
*Shane McAnally Memorial Scholarship03/01/2023
*Somervell County Crime Stoppers Scholarship03/01/2023
*Somervell County Rodeo Scholarship03/01/2023
*Texas Laureate Iota Sigma Chapter of Beta Sigma Phi Scholarship03/01/2023
*Tiger Card Athletic Scholarship03/01/2023
*Glen Rose Jr. Tiger Scholarship03/01/2023
*The Democratic Party of Somervell County/SOMERDEMS Memorial Scholarship in the Memory of Kenneth Ogden03/01/2023
*The Prairie Rose Chapter of the Native Plant Society of Texas03/01/2023
*Somervell History Foundation Scholarship Fund03/01/2023
*Glen Rose High School Choir: Sammy and Donna Teal Memorial Scholarship 202303/01/2023
*New Prospect Baptist Church Scholarship03/01/2023
* The Somervell County Democratic Party/ SOMERDEMS Memorial Scholarship in Honor of Loretta Hise03/01/2023
*Glen Rose Wine and Art Festival 2023 Scholarship Fund03/01/2023
*Lisa and Maria Schmidt Memorial Scholarship03/06/2023
*Rhonda Cagle Memorial Scholarship03/06/2023
*David Payne Christian Scholarship03/08/2023
*Hannah Morales Memorial Softball Scholarship03/08/2023
*Weldon and Jeanne Hart Social Studies Scholarship03/08/2023
*GRHS NAHS Senior Scholarship03/08/2023
*John and Frances Wasilchak Scholarship03/08/2023
*J.M. McCroskey Memorial Scholarship03/08/2023
*Paul B. Schuelke Athletic Scholarship03/08/2023
*Many Mansions Scholarship03/08/2023
*Covia Electrical, IT, and Engineering Scholarship03/09/2023
*Permian Basin Area Foundation03/09/2023
*Covia Scholarship in Memory of Danny Thompson03/09/2023
*Glen Rose High School Ex's Association03/09/2023
*St. Rose of Lima Knights of Columbus Council Scholarship03/19/2023
*Elizabeth Crocket Chapter National Society Daughters of the American Revolution03/21/2023
*Higginbotham Brothers Scholarship for Excellence03/22/2023
*Hood-Somervell Farm Bureau College Youth Scholarship03/24/2023
2023 TTA Foundation Scholarship03/31/2023
Faster than the Click of a Button03/31/2023
Madd Hunter Venture Capital Group Scholarship03/31/2023
All About Education Scholarship04/30/2023
Texas Interscholastic League Foundation Scholarship05/26/2023
What Does the Number Five Mean to You?05/31/2023
Do-Over Scholarship06/30/2023
Make Me Laugh Scholarship08/31/2023
*Vicky Whitefield Memorial ScholarshipNo Application
Create-a-Greeting Card Scholarship ContestTBA
Daughters of the American Revolution ScholarshipTBA
High School Senior Engineering ScholarshipTBA
JFK Profile in Courage Essay ContestTBA
oxyGEN ScholarshipTBA
Rover ScholarshipTBA
Somervell County Democratic Party/SOMERDEMS Memorial Scholarship in honor of Loretta HiseTBA
Superpower ScholarshipTBA
Superpower ScholarshipTBA
Technology Addiction Awareness Scholarship TBA
Texas Student Housing ScholarshipTBA

*Local Scholarships are awarded to seniors during Senior Recognition every May. Scholarship recipients are selected by the scholarship donor or a scholarship committee selected by the donor. For additional information about local scholarships’ selection process, application, criteria, etc., contact Pat Windham at (254) 898-3808 or email at


If you would like to donate money or create a scholarship, please contact Pat Windham at (254) 898-3808 or email at Please include the following information in your email or voice mail:

Phone number
Scholarship criteria or qualification (if creating a scholarship)
Amount of scholarship (or donation)
Name of scholarship to be created or name of scholarship to donate money


Students planning on attending a two-year or four-year college, university or trade school will need to complete one of the following financial aid applications. Applications need to be submitted for each year the student will attend an institution of higher educations. It is recommended that applications be submitted in February or March for the Fall semester.

  • (FAFSA) Free Application for Federal Student Aid: this application qualifies students for federal loans and grants; also this application is required to quality for most college need and merit based scholarships
  • (TASFA) Texas Application for State Financial Aid: this application takes the place of the FAFSA for undocumented students. Put TASFA in search bar.

Below are list of helpful web sites regarding financial aid and scholarship information.


Beware of financial aid and scholarship scams. If an organization is asking for money to apply for financial aid and/or scholarships, it is probably a scam. If you have any questions about the validity of financial aid and/or a scholarship, contact the counselor’s office or the Better Business Bureau at