GRHS Counseling: Course Catalog, Diploma, and High School Information


The school counselors are available to assist students with a wide range of personal problems. The counselors are not there to make decisions for students but to listen and provide information that can help students arrive at their own decisions.

Confidentiality: When speaking to the counselors, it is important for the students to know that the information they give the counselors is confidential. Confidentiality means that the counselor will not discuss information shared to anyone including parents. Confidentiality is a trust issue and is important for the student-counselor relationship.

Limits to Confidentiality: If a student informs the counselor that they plan on hurting someone or him/herself or if a student informs the counselor that he/she knows of someone that is hurting others or him/herself then by law the counselor must break confidentiality and notify the correct authorities.