End of year Service Recognition

Teachers and staff of GRISD were recognized for their years of service to the district Friday at the conclusion of the 2022-2023 school year.

5 Year service award recipients
Pictured from left: Maria Robles, Melody Melton, Haley Walker, Jeffrey Thompson, Pamela Mason, Jon Ekstrom, Jessica Huffman, Sherri Goodman, Magdalena Hernandez, Kristy Perry. Flora Escalera, Kathy Ash, Brandi Stegemoller, Lottie Nystel
Not pictured: Kathy Osterson, Maria Navarro
10 year service award recipients
Pictured from left: Dianna Navarette, Rachel Cook. Gregger Yeager, Rebecca Conn, Anaberta Lopez
Not pictured: Bonnie Mikulenka
15 year service award recipients:
Front Row from left: Meghan schuelke, Cindy Shaw, Jami Lovelady, Matt Kienbaum Laura Harlin,
Back row from left: Ray Portillo, Kiel Miller, Rocio Escalera, Jennifer Easter, Tommy Gibson, Kelly Johnson
20 year service award recipients:
Pictured from left: Eden Wooten, Lisa Villa, JuneMary Santos, Kathy Howell, Courtney Cordova, Elojia Anderson
Not Pictured: Anita Morales, Debra Clark
25 year service award recipient:
Pictured: Julie Hinds
Not pictured: Sherri Feaster
Glen Rose ISD retirees:
Pictured from left: Jane Kittleson, Shelly Morrow, Kathy Howell, Janette Blair, Dee Bozarth, Lisa Villa, Ruth Rodriguez
Not pictured: Gary Peterson

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