Student Technical Support During School Closure

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During the school closure, we expect that sometimes, things will happen that keeps your school issued device from working. When that happens, what do you do? The following are the procedures we will use to get technical help to students at home.

Something is Broken/No Lights No Sounds

  1. Tell the teacher. Let them know what issues you are having. Your teachers will use this information in two ways. First, the teaching staff needs to know when their students can’t complete work or join Zoom sessions. That allows the teacher to work through those issues. Second, the teaching staff will let the technology staff know that there is an issue.
  2. Once the tech staff receives the information, they will contact the student/family on their next steps. Usually, the issues can be resolved over the phone with a few troubleshooting steps. IF the technology staff cannot resolve the issue over the phone, then they will ask you to bring the device (or charger?) to the student’s CAMPUS, not the technology center.
  3. If the issue is just a malfunctioning or broke charger, then the technical staff will already have the replacement on your campus and the student will be instructed to their campus to swap them out. Otherwise, you will leave your device at the student’s campus. Technology staff will pick-up the device, clean it, then take them to be repaired or replaced.
  4. After the device is repaired, it will be taken back to the student’s campus and the student will be notified that they may pick it up.

If the issue is not a broken hardware, then use the process below to get technical support.

  1. Again, tell your teacher first. They have these devices and the issue may be something they can fix quickly, or they may have a way to work around it and keep moving forward. The teachers really need to know first.
  2. Email technology at We monitor these messages and will pick them up in the order they are received. If you teacher says they will tell us, then you can stop until you hear back from either your teacher or technology.
  3. Technology staff will contact the students/families and help to quickly resolve the issue.

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