Glen Rose Jr. Tiger Program 2018

3:08 8/22/18  The slots are all filled.  Thank you for your interest!

It’s football season again and that means we will be needing this year’s Jr. Tigers! The Jr. Tigers, overseen by Tracie Hansen, is a program that allows a student (grades Kindergarten through 5th grade) to participate in a mentoring program with a high school varsity football player. The number of slots is limited and will be filled on a first come basis through an online application. The application will need to be filled out online to become eligible.  It will remain open until all slots are filled. If your child gets into the program, Mrs. Hansen will personally contact you and inform you of the next steps. Only two children per family on one application. If you have more than two children, you will need to fill out 2 applications. This is done to keep it fair for all families since slots are limited. After all the participants have been contacted, a dinner will be held to introduce the new tigers and give them their jersey with the number of the player they will be supporting.

The purpose of the program is to create a mentoring relationship between the player and the Jr. Tiger. The Jr. Tiger will be involved in several activities to promote positive relationships, sportsmanship, character, and school spirit.
Attendance at all home games, pep rallies, and spirit activities (i.e.-poster making) is a requirement to be part of this program.
The cost to participate in the program is $35.00 per kid and that will include a jersey with their football player’s number on it.

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