Read Around the Planet at GRIS

Glen Rose Intermediate ELA classrooms have been participating in Read Around the Planet.  RAP is where classrooms use videoconferencing to connect with other classrooms “around the planet” to celebrate reading in all forms.  Mrs. Flippen’s class wrote poetry about Glen Rose to share with their matched classroom from Costa Rica.  Mrs. Stegint’s classroom had a “butter battle” with their matched class from New York after reading The Butter Battle Book by Dr. Seuss.  Other teachers played games with their matched classes using reading vocabulary.  The list is numerous with the wonderful connections which were made using technology.  New technology in the classrooms allowed teachers to hold the video conference sessions in their rooms.  RAP is an annual occurrence sponsored by Twice and Polycom.  GRISD connections are made via Educational Service Center Region 11 without whose help this project would not be possible.  The weather this year caused some issues with classes keeping their appointments.  Several teachers are still working on virtually meeting with their matched class.

Glen Rose Poetry

Butter Battle
Matched Class

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