Glen Rose ISD Fights Back Against the Flu

Glen Rose ISD is taking an aggressive approach to fight the flu in all facilities including all school buses.

GRISD has purchased Electrostatic Sprayers for all facility buildings including the arena and transportation department.  The sprayers use a disinfectant that wraps around surfaces providing better coverage in hard to reach places and crevasses that maybe missed in normal cleaning.  The particles in the spray holds the electrostatic charge for 2 to 3 seconds which allows for the optimum coverage.

Custodians and transportation personnel are currently using the sprayers in all classrooms and on all buses.  Glen Rose ISD also monitors attendance rates and hits classrooms that may have a high absence rate.

During the “Flu” season Glen Rose ISD has maintained almost normal attendance rates district wide.

With no end in sight for the flu season GRISD will continue to do everything possible to keep facilities clean and disinfected.  With the help of parents reminding their kids to wash their hands, practicing good hygiene and not sharing food and drink with others, we should get through the flu season without many problems

If you have any questions about our facilities or how we clean our rooms, please contact the GRISD Support Services at 254-898-3913.


GRISD worker use Electrostatic Sprayer on buses and classrooms to help kill germs that may lead to flu.

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