GRISD Teachers/Staff New Email Account

How to get into your new Office 365 Account (including your migrated email)
1. Go to the district web page at
2. From the menu, choose RESOURCES, then OFFICE 365
3. At the login in page, use the following as your username and password.
username: district user name + “”.
Your username is what you log into you rPC or MacBook. Example: John Snow’s user name would be SNOWJO, so his Office 365 login would be THIS IS NOT YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS, IT’S YOUR USERNAME FOR OFFICE 365. Your email is the same as it’s always been.
This is your password to login to your PC, Macbook, or old email account.
4. Once you login, the screen may come right back that shows your are logged in. You need to click your username and the application will continue on to your home dashboard.
5. Click on the blue tile that says “MAIL”. That’s your email. It has all been migrated from the older account into the new one.

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