Student MacBook Pickup Reminders

All 6th-12th Grade Students:

In the coming days, the pick-up schedule for the school issued MacBooks will be posted on-line at Here are some reminders about the MacBooks.

– ALL items are required to be turned in. You MAY NOT keep bags, cases, chargers, or any other items that were issued with the MacBook. Even if you have had to purchase a MacBook charger, that item replaced one the one initially given with the MacBook and belongs to the school district. There are no exceptions to this.

– Seniors will need to pay for any damages prior to graduating. Your transcript will be held back until all charges are paid.

– If you replaced a charger, and there is still any time remaining on the warranty, that time will continue in the Fall.

– All other students will pay for any damage or missing items in the fall when they pick-up their MacBooks.

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