Brightbytes Survey Links 2017

We are partnering with BrightBytes, an educational research organization, to learn more about GRISD teacher and student technology access and use for learning.

The goal of this project is to gather data on technology access, skills, and our school’s technology environment, in order to understand the connection between technology use and student achievement.

Each school is assigned three unique questionnaire URLs. One link is designed for teachers and administrators; the other is designed for students.  The last link is designed for parents.

Your questionnaire links are listed below:

GRHS:  • Teachers & Administrators
• Students, Grades 3-12
• Parents & Guardians

GRJH:  • Teachers & Administrators
• Students, Grades 3-12
• Parents & Guardians

GRIS & GRES:  • Teachers & Administrators
GRIS:  • Students, Grades 3-12
GRIS & GRES:  • Parents & Guardians

Your participation and support is important to us and will make the difference between having a complete understanding of our school’s technology use versus a limited one.

Thank you!

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