Read Around The Planet

Glen Rose Intermediate students and Mrs. May’s 6th Grade Tech Apps participated in Read Around the Planet sessions.  Read Around the Planet sponsored by TWICE is a 2 week time period where 2 classes join together to share projects.  Classrooms are randomly matched with other classes across North America.  One example is that Mrs. Pair’s classroom would have had to travel for 35 hours to visit their matched classroom in Juniper Ridge Elementary School in Kamloops, BC, CA.  Instead the classroom got to visit via teleconference equipment and Educational Service Center Region 11’s RETN connections.  In a typical RAP session, classrooms first share about their town while students get to know a little about their matched classroom.  Next, both classes share something they have prepared.  Glen Rose classes shared student written Black History Month biographies, sang songs, taught sign language, played Reading Vocabulary Headbanz, made snow to accompany a read aloud book, read paragraphs and showed illustrations about student created mythological characters, demonstrated a rodeo, and much more.  The sessions normally end with a question and answer time.  This is always the students’ favorite part.  Students learn so much about other schools and how “we are all the same even when we are different!”


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